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LevelOne WBR-6601 wins "Silver Award" from local HWM Magazine Malaysia
In the testing report, Cheong explains, the cooler looking LevelOne WBR-6601, a 150Mbps N Wireless ADSL2+ modem router pays to break tradition and tried true methods.

Firstly, some new welcomed changes had been introduced particularly the design. It is obviously a brand new look of fresh air to see the WBR-6601 as it has a glossy black shell and trendy overall design attached with the orange bottom of the router makes it edgier as the glossy black colour scheme. In fact, users will aslo certainly notice that the placing antenna in the side of WBR-6601 instead of at the back. Another well made change is the WBR-6601 has little holes on the right side of the router which is for ventilation purpose.

Secondly, there is new Dual SSID feature in WBR-6601. Although it never is news for new routers, the WBR-6601 can automatically set up a second SSID which is helpful for users who need a second SSID. Moreover, for users who are more technically experienced, they can set a password for each account. That is to say, they have additional security especially useful for office.

In order to make WBR-6601 perform more incomparable, it is sgguested for users opt to purchase the WUA-6601 150Mbps N Wireless USB Adapter (4dBi) as it managed to cut the overall transfer time in half.

Cheong also state: "We definitely love the new design of WBR-6601 as we feel that it is a much needed makeoever"
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