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WBR-6801 Wireless 3G Portable Router

New Products

WAP-6011   WAP-6011 300Mbps N_Max Wireless Access Point

300Mbps Wireless, 8 SSIDs, WPS Button, Wireless Client Isolation, Stealth AP Support, 2T2R MIMO, QoS, WPA2, IEEE 802.1x RADIUS

With speeds up to 300Mbps, the LevelOne’s N_Max Wireless Access Point offers big improvements compared to legacy 11g devices. For users that require top speeds for Internet surfing, video, and large file transfers, all at the same time, the WAP-6011 handles simultaneous wireless traffic easily and efficiently.

Multiple Operation Modes
The WAP-6011 is a feature-rich 11n access point that supports AP, AP client, WDS, and Repeater modes for customized wireless deployments. In WDS mode, the WAP-6011 acts as a wireless bridge to connect separate wireless networks into one. This provides more users with greater access to network resources.
In Repeater mode, the WAP-6011 allows extended coverage and greater signal strength for greatly improved distance coverage of the Wireless network (WLAN)....more.
  WAP-6011 Back


WBR-6801   WBR-6801 150Mbps N Wireless 3G Portable Router

Share 3G Internet Connection, 150Mbps Wireless, 12,000 Concurrent NAT Sessions, Hidden SSID Broadcast, Hitch-mount Installation

The LevelOne WBR-6801 is a true portable solution to share your 3G Internet connection no matter where you are. Simply attach your 3G modem into the WBR-6801’s USB port and it will share the Internet connection over Wireless LAN. It supports 3G data cards covering WCDMA (HSUPA), CDMA2000 and TDSCDMA. Not only that, mobile phone tethering is also supported.

It supports wireless speeds of up to 150Mbps using LevelOne’s N wireless technology, while maintaining compatibility with legacy 801.11g and 11b devices. For full portability the WBR-6801 can be used entirely without an external power source.....more.
  WBR-6801 Hitch-mount Installation
WBR-6801 USB Power Jack, WPS and On/Off Buttons
WBR-6801 USB Interface for 3G Adapter


WUA-0616   WUA-0616 300Mbps N_Max Wireless USB Adapter

2 Internal Antennas with 2T2R MIMO, 300Mbps, WPS, Windows 7 / Mac OS Support

With the recent developments in wireless home networking, the newest technology is now available to end users at an affordable price. Using the new 802.11n wireless standard, you get more than double the throughput of 802.11g devices.

Stream and share files wirelessly
LevelOne N_Max Wireless USB Adapter offers users a simple way to connect to their local network for quickly accessing and sharing the Internet, transfer files, videos, music or photos....more.
  WUA-0616 WPS Button


USB-0501   USB-0501 USB Hub and Fast Ethernet Combo Adapter

Built-in 4-Port USB Hub, Windows 7 / Mac OS Support, Fast Ethernet

The LevelOne USB Hub and Fast Ethernet Combo Adapter allows you to connect to the internet easily through the built-in USB port on your laptop or gaming console. Now you no longer need to have an Ethernet connection in order to surf the web. This is an
ideal solution for MacBook Air (100% Mac compatible) or other computers that may have wireless built-in but don’t come with an Ethernet port. Sometimes you need to physically connect to a network cable helping to transfer files or access secure information.

The USB-0501 easily does the job, all through your USB port. The USB-0501 also combines a regular USB hub. So you can connect external USB peripherals, such as a MP3 player, digital camera, printer or pen drive. The USB-0501 establishes a direct point-to-point contact between the hub and the adapter that's plugged into
your PC....more.
  USB-0501 USB Ports


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