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LevelOne announces major upgrades to surveillance freeware for all LevelOne cameras
LevelOne has upgraded many functions of the company’s powerful 64-CH IP CamSecure Lite Surveillance Management Software, version 1.34.0. The Upgrade Version will allow much greater monitoring speed and flexibility to users through increased multi-channel viewing capabilities.
DDC forms distribution partnership with Connector Systems in Australia
German-based networking vendor Digital Data Communications (DDC) has today announced a distribution partnership in Australia with Connector Systems.
DDC and Prologix Distribution team up in UAE, signalling expansion in the region for both companies
German networking vendor Digital Data Communications (DDC) has announced a partnership in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with leading IT systems administration company Prologix Distribution.
Networking specialist LevelOne does their bit to help save Amazon rainforests
Boasting half the world’s remaining rainforest and home to one-third of the world’s animal species, the Amazon plays a huge part in our planet’s ecology. With Taipei’s Huashan Cultural and Creative Park playing host to the Amazon eco-adventure show over the summer holidays in Taiwan, German-owned networking manufacturer LevelOne has agreed to sponsor the event by supplying power-line and wireless equipment.
Digital Data Communications (DDC) teams up with Laumayer SA in Colombia to broaden distribution of LevelOne networking products
March 13, Medellin, Colombia – Digital Data Communications GmBH (DDC) has today announced a distribution partnership with Laumayer SA. Through their trading brand LevelOne, DDC will supply quality networking products for distribution through Laumayer’s well-established channel and reseller partnerships in Colombia.
LevelOne and Radi International join forces in Taiwan to help a major telephony and internet provider install fibre to homes
LevelOne has today announced a partnership with Radi International. The two companies are currently engaged on a project supplying switches to a major telephony and internet provider as part of Taiwan’s fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) roll-out.
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