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LevelOne new Enhancement
LevelOne News

The new LevelOne IP CamSecure surveillance Management Software FCS-9064 is our latest upgrade, which constructs new features and improvements exclusively, including a significant support of LevelOne product lines from maximum 32 up to 64 channels, easy download from LevelOne website for free upgrade, instant live view through smart phones, iPhone, PDA, and computer. This particular enhancement offers the most scalable IP surveillance that synchronizes physical security completely at anywhere.

Special features:

2-layer of E-Map to identify the location of all deployed cameras on your property

iPhone/ Smart phone/ PDA supported
Accessing remotely over the Internet via web browser on most smart phones
Dual Monitoring Function
Enables to display multiple screens of camera up to 64 channels.

Optimized Hybrid Surveillance
Enables users to use both digital and analogue cameras with full support to provide a complete monitoring and surveillance management system.  

Click here to download the whole EDM for more information.
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