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LevelOne Announces New Secure WLAN Solution
(Germany, 6 October, 2011) LevelOne, the global leader in networking solution industry, had announced the new release of Secure WLAN Solution. The most advanced yet simple deployment and affordable solution for Wi-Fi HotZone service formation. This new solution includes WHG and EAP series provide medium to larger scale WLAN deployments, as well as campuses, enterprises, hospitality, and Telco hotspot applications, with a secure, cost-effective and reliable way to manage their networks. 

WHG series
The new LevelOne WHG Secure WLAN Controller series come with the capability of centralizing access point (AP) management to cover different scales of WLAN deployments. The WHG Secure WLAN series supports up to 500 APs and 1500 concurrent users. The WHG series also specifically integrate "secure access control", "visitor account provisioning", "the flexible accounting and billing", and "centralized WLAN management" into solely one box to provide a more simplified manageability and still instant mobility.

EAP series
Working in conjunction with LevelOne WHG Secure WLAN Controller Series, LevelOne EAP managed access point series extend professional WLAN security and management capabilities in enterprise or industrial environments, as well as serving high performance and systems of concurrent users. 

Along with LevelOne WHG-1000 Wi-Fi HotSpot solution, LevelOne is now to offer a complete Secure WLAN solution for establishing small to large scale of Wi-Fi service. 

Key models of WHG WLAN Controller include:
WHG-311/ WHG-315/ WHG-401/ WHG-505/ WHG-515/ WHG-707
Managed Access Points include:
EAP-110/ EAP-200/ EAP-300

About LevelOne
The premium brand of Digital Data Communications GmbH, headquartered in Dortmund, Germany, particular includes network solutions. High-quality and reliable products are subjects to constant innovation cycles ensure that both the professional business and private applications are working efficient. Another section with increasing importance is digital surveillance solutions for an efficient and secured environment.

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