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LevelOne introduces iCamSecure App for Android phones
LevelOne is pleased to announce the launch of a new Android App: iCamSecure.

iCamSecure is an application that lets you turn your Android phone into a virtual surveillance camera. iCamSecure is designed to work with network cameras via LevelOne IP CamSecure Surveillance System. Whether you are a business owner or just like to keep an eye on your home while you are away, iCamSecure is an app that will allow you to keep tabs on things with your mobile device. By this app, you can view single cam through LevelOne IP CamSecure freeware (Free bundled in each LeavelOne camera package) and up to 16 cams through IP CamSecure Pro Systems over a Wi-Fi/3G network.

iCamSecure is a security cam viewer designed to make it easy for viewing instant circumstance from your IP security or web surveillance & security cameras. It supports a great amount of cameras through LevelOne IP CamSecure Systems, a brand new interface, impressive new features including the capability to capture live snapshots and save them into your Android phone for later use and much more.

When iCamSecure works with LevelOne IP CamSecure Pro Systems, it allowing users to configure numbers of cameras and view them all in a thumbnail arrangement, or zoom into individual cameras for a near real-time feed. You can control the refresh rate of your cameras, as well as viewing your cameras in portrait or landscape modes. The thumbnail view shows 6 cameras at one time, users can swipe across to reveal the next set of 6 cameras with ease.


Feature Highlights:

- Great for on-the-go
  Quick and Easy Access to your IP camera over both Mobile Phone and Wi-Fi Networks.

- Faster than the internet browser interface
  Your password details are saved securely, allowing you to access your camera with one simple touch.

- Move with a Swipe;
  Zoom with a Pinch
 Pan, Tilt & Zoom control available for supported PTZ models.

- Save snapshots
  Snapshot feature allows users to save the camera instant camera image to your mobile phone

- Supports Press Point

- Supports Digital Input/Output


iCamSecure is Compatible with Android phones.

Supported Systems:
Works with LevelOne IP CamSecure Surveillance Management Systems of Pro Mega and Free versions.

With LevelOne iCamSecure, you can remotely view and control your IP Cameras from your Android mobile phones no matter where you are.


Click to see the introduction on Android Market!


About LevelOne
LevelOne was established in 1991 in Dortmund, Germany by Digital Data Communications GmbH. By providing quality networking products and solutions, we've grown steadily throughout the years with Branch Offices over 20 countries in the world. For information about LevelOne, please visit our website at http://global.level1.com


For further information, please contact:


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