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Digital Data Communications Group upgrades to H.265 compression across surveillance range
German-owned networking and surveillance specialists Digital Data Communications Group (DDC) have moved to upgrade their latest IP surveillance cameras and Network Video Recorder (NVR) range to the latest compression rating, H.265. All new products across the company’s security portfolio will use H.265 compression, as well as being backwards-compatible with devices and peripherals using H.264 compression.
The new range includes:
NVR-0504 – a four-channel PoE Network Video Recorder with four PoE Outputs and a built-in projector for powering PoE cameras, recording at eight megapixels.
NVR-0508 – an eight-channel PoE Network Video Recorder with eight PoE Outputs and a built-in projector for powering PoE cameras, with an eight-megapixel resolution.

NVR-1316 – a sixteen-channel Network Video Recorder with a twelve-megapixel resolution.
LevelOne boasts a broad portfolio of IP surveillance cameras for many different deployment scenarios, with the most recent range of 19 cameras as below all featuring H.265 video compression. 
3-8 Megapixel dome PoE cameras: FCS-3090/3096/3302/3306/3307
2-8 Megapixel dome PoE cameras with optical zoom: FCS-3097/3098/3303/3304/3305/4203
3-8 Megapixel bullet PoE cameras: FCS-5092/5093/5101/5104
3-8 Megapixel bullet PoE cameras w/ optical zoom: FCS-5094/5095/5102/5103
H.265, also known as High Efficiency Video Encoding (HVEC), offers approximately twice the compression rate of the existing, widely-accepted industry standard of H.264 (also known as AVC), while either maintaining the same level of video clarity and output but using half the storage space, or significantly increased resolution using the same amount of storage.
DDC manufactures an extensive array of IP surveillance and related equipment including advanced IP cameras, NVR, media converters, video extenders and surveillance software. Moving to offer H.265 compression across the range of NVR devices maintains DDC’s commitment to offering the highest level of performance at affordable prices.
Visit http://global.level1.com/ to find out more.
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