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LevelOne introduces network management suite for AP devices
Dortmund - August 2014

Global networking specialist LevelOne has announced the release of the company’s new network management software, the LevelOne AP Controller Utility.

The software will allow centralised management of LevelOne AP devices in a variety of applications. Administrators will be able to deploy an AP mesh quickly and easily across an IP network, and configure all trusted APs based on pre-defined configuration profiles - either individually or simultaneously. 

The system supports smart discovery of trusted APs on the network via UPnP and CAPWAP protocols, as well as providing a quick AP search function based on the AP's name, MAC address or an IP address from a list of trusted Access Points. It also monitors the online status of managed APs and real-time network traffic for each AP as well as virtual Access Points and each STA client, mapping them in an easily understood graphic format. 

Administrators will have the ability to collect all categorized traps from trusted APs in the control centre, and make a variety of statistical diagrams based on the data, providing an easy and immediate analysis tool for reacting to network events. 

The full list of control functions from the LevelOne AP Controller Utility include reboot, reset, FW upgrade and backup/restore settings. The LevelOne AP Controller Utility is currently compatible with LevelOne’s advanced WAP solutions including WAP-6150 and WAP-6101. More models will be added to the portfolio shortly. 

LevelOne is a specialist networking vendor based in Dortmund, Germany, with an APAC base in Taipei and representation in over seventy countries worldwide.

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