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LevelOne PLI-2040 wins "CHIP Recommended Award" from CHIP Magazine Malaysia

The LevelOne 200Mbps Homeplug AV Adaptor (PLI-2040) performs fabulously what a Homeplug should do, and even better. It can turn an existing power-line wired across the house into a LAN via plug-and-play still worked perfectly. Thus, users merely have to plug it into a power source and connect a device to it via Ethernet.
The PLI-2040 also features 200Mbps transfer rate with its new built-in QoS Engine that prioritises its role significantly for audio and video streaming. This is resulting in making a better device to stream HD multimedia content.
According to the review, Lee emphasized that "LevelOne’s PLI-2040 German engineering and technology certainly paid off. If you ‘re looking to stream HD content, over PowerLAN and is willing to shell out extra cash, this is that HomePlug to get...." (Lee, M 2010).
Every award that LevelOne had gained is the encouragement of reputation. Hence, we are perpetually looking forward to make more sufficient and beneficial products to satisfy our customers.

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