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WBR-6011 wins "Recommended Award Silver" from PC.COM
WBR-6011 had proudly won the silver Recommended Award from PC. COM. Reporting by Sharli Abdul Rahman. 

Commonly, for most people's assumption of  router, is simply a router itself, which is used to connect to internet via a modem or via router with built-in modem. Nevertheless, the most essential requirement for getting a router is reliability. The LevelOne N_Max WBR-6011 Wireless Router is the latest consumer router, which sets the router apart from other wireless routers out there is two-fold. One is that the router comes with two antennas which enables a better throughput of signal to be broadcasted to receivers on computers, laptop, or any wireless available devices.

Another part is that the router also works on a Wireless ISP mode (WISP). It is where the ISP works wirelesslt resulting no messy wires here and there. On top of that, LevelOne's N_Max WBR-6011 Wireless Router is one of the more compact routers in the market, even with the excellent list of features on the box. That is to say, it makes a perfect fit for anyone that is looking for a powerful yet understated router to be in any network.

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