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WGR-6012 gains Award "e-zone choice" from Magazine E-Zone
According to the report, LevelOne WGR-6012 has gained another new Award "e-zone choice" from E-Zone Magazine, Hong Kong.

In the description, the power saving is the selling point, with consumption of built-in continuous detection, sleep mode, and low power usage as the winning reasons. WGR-6012 supports wireless speeds up to 300Mbps by using LevelOne's N_Max Wireless technology, while maintaining compatability with legacy 801.11b/g/n devices. Connecting detection is the status of each port being checked on particular time. If disconnection found, all the ports would be turned off immediately. Sleeping mode is the function that enables user to set sleeping time for router via schedueld time. When this mode is on, most of router pieces are automatically off due to power saving purpose. It surprisingly takes only a few seconds to "wake up" from sleeping mode to run as regular performance.

Similarly, on wireless side, WGR-6012 provides low power usage mode. When it is lack of wireless connection, WGR-6012 will automatically cut off one antenna and leave another one for SSID signal. Beside, if the wireless is available, all antennas will be activated to ensure the connecting quality is smooth and stable. Moroever, there is power button at the back of WGR-6012, to let user easily turn on/off the router completely.  
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