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"Best Design" Award for new LevelOne WBR-6802 from PC Station Magazine
According to the article, Dale depcits that the LevelOne WBR-6802 is small as its appearacne, but technically all perfectly formed. The LevelOne WBR-6082 is a wireless travel router with 1T1R MIMO technology providing an excellent network solution for home, SOHO, and hotspot users. With its thickness of 1.5cm, it is astonishingly handy to carry and put in pockets. Besides, the USB port is capable to serve power, users can get power charged elsewhere with ease. The router allows multiple users to share one broadband connection, as well as secures user's private network. The built-in 2-port switch and wireless AP, LAN users can share files, printers, or playing online games in high speeds and excellent wireless coverage.

Additionally, LevelOne WBR-6802 supports IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet and features a cost-effective network connection. Because even though WBR-6802 does not contain rechargeable battery, the power still can be supplied from other deployment. For instance, when some Tablet PCs without RJ45 port that have to be used solely cable internet circumstances, WBR-6802 is ideal for being AP by using its USB port for conneciton at rear.   

Every award LevelOne had won is the encouragement of reputation. Hence, we are perpetually looking forward to making more sufficient and professional products to serve our customers.  
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