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LevelOne WBR-6600 and WBR-6601 lead the high performance in Modem Router from PC Magazine Greece

 According to the report from PC-Magazine, September, published Group tests for Wireless Modem Routers, conducted among 25 products for two weeks in the laboratories of the magazine (PC-Labs) and in cooperation with the Greek Telecom (OTE). The test include famous brands like LevelOne, Asus, Belkin, Zyxel, Draytec, Tplink, Sagem etc. 

The result clearly highlight 2 LevelOne products with leading performance:  WBR-6600 and WBR-6601.

In the category Modem Routers under 100 EUR, both products are rewarded with the "choice of editors" and the "maximum efficiency" respectively. In the category Modem Routers over 100 EUR, dominated the two famous brands Fritz and Draytek. 

Editor of the PC Magazine indicates:

LevelOne WBR-6601 
"LevelOne shows in our test that in one of the leading manufacturers of network equipment, which even offers at attractive prices. With only 53,90 EUR you own the winner of our test. The equipment is complete, and is characterized by high security, because you will find several firewall and filtering functions. The configuration is the most comprehensive and will satisfy the most demanding. Finally, the performance at several measurements is at the top, while in others approaches."

LevelOne WBR-6600
"The price of LevelOne WBR-6600, is the upper limit of the small category, but the superior performance seems to justify every cent asks to get it. It gave us the best performance in Wi-Fi speed and very good results in other measurements. The equipment is complete with the Wi-Fi catching the maximum of 300Mbps, while the only thing we want is a USB port. Finally, the security that provides is high, since it has several additional control functions."

Every award LevelOne had won is the encouragement of reputation. Hence, we are perpetually looking forward to making more sufficient and professional products to serve our customers.  
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