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GNS-1001 has gained award of "Editor Choice" from magazine PC Station
 Self-built Personal Cloud - Mobile BT with ease

According to the report, LevelOne GNS-1001 has gained new Award "Editor Choice" from PC Station Magazine, Hong Kong.
LevelOne GNS-1001 Network Attached Storage (NAS) is emerging as a powerful, proven technology for meeting an organization's unquenchable demand for storing data, regardless of its source on the network. it is an easy and cost-effective solution for a greater storage capacity. 

Easy plug in a compatible Hard Disk Drives into LevelOne GNS-1001 and user will have an optimal storage solution with network-wide data access. The built-in Gigabit Ethernet port enables to share data across multiple computers fast and easy, even larger HD files. 

GNS-1001 also provides all multimedia features that people expect from a high-performance NAS device: iTunes Server, BT(BitTorrent) Downloads, UPnP Media Server, low power  consumption, quiet operation, and much more. 

Every award LevelOne had won is the encouragement of reputation. Hence, we are perpetually looking forward to making more sufficient and professional products to serve our customers.  
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