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FCS-3071 succeeds Arawrd of "Best Design" from PC Station Magazine
The 2-Megapixel PoE Dome Network Camera FCS-3071 is a powerful mobile surveillance device that provides excellent video quality whether installed indoors or outdoors due to its durable casing that withstands the toughest temperatures with an IP66-rated housing that's both weather-proof and vandal-proof


Resolutions of 1920x1080 pixels make the video quality on this video capturing device sharp and clear ready to be seen from any desktop, notebook, or mobile device with internet connectivity without requiring lots of bandwidth to stream live.


According to requirements, the camera can be supplied conventionally via Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) which allows for an easy, quick and cost-effective installation.

Every award LevelOne had gained is the encouragement of reputation. Hence, we are perpetually looking forward to making more sufficient and beneficial products to satisfy our customers.

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