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2011 LevelOne Seminar in KL Malaysia by Ivenue

The 2011 LevelOne Seminar Kuala Lumpur Malaysia was held by Ivenue at Gardens Hotels & Residence, KL Malaysia for its running.

2011 LevelOne Seminar in KL attracted estimated 55 numbers of attendees from over 41 various companies, including System Integrator and Media partners.

The main conference programmed featured over four expert speakers and included the following topics:
1. LevelOne Introduction with Product Overview
2. LevelOne Malaysia Partner Program
3. PoE IP Surveillance and Access Management Gateway
4. KVM Switch, Audio/ Video Extender, Green Swtich, Converter
5. Live Demonstration of KVM Remote Console, PoE IP Surveillance, Audio/ Video Extension.

The seminar, which attracted 55 delegates, opened with a session of introduction of LevelOne. LevelOne was established in 1991 in Dortmund, Germany by Digital Data Communications GmbH by providing networking products and solutions and hence had steadily grown throughout the years with 18 branch offices sread around the world. In addition LevelOne is also an international brand by being marketed in more than 65 countries gloabally, it is invigorating actively as a one-stop solution provider among the industry.

Within all diverse products from LevelOne, surpassingly from point of view of product solution, LevelOne provides namely, Broadband Access Solution, Broadband/ Print/ File/ Sharing Solutions, Network Connectivity Solutions (Wired network connectivity, Fiber network connectivity, Wireless network connectivity, PoE network connectivity, Powerline network connectivity), IP Surveillance Solution, KVM Swtiching Solution, Audio/ Video Extension Solution, Access Management (AAA) Solution, VoIP Solution, and Wireless Signal Extension Solution.

Since LevelOne is constantly one step ahead other manufacturers in terms of its perofrmance/quality/reputation. There were selected products chosen to be emphasized during the entire seminar: IP Surveillance, Access Management (AAA), PoE network connectivity, Fiber network connectivity, KVM Switching, Audio/Video Extension and green solutions.

Live Demo:

Audio/ Video Extension, IP Surveillance via PoE network conectivity and KVM Switching solutions.

The consolidation of LevelOne's globalized perspective has turned LevelOne into a international player with a fast-paced growth strategy. Therefore, the announcement of LevelOne Malaysian business partner program was denoted. Following with LevelOne Malaysian website http://my.level1.com. This partner program significantly consists of ongoing LevelOne's development, products and marketing.  The aim is to be able to concentrate on new opportunities, streamlining, resources and providing a global service for more clients.

In conclusion, the seminar had successfully helped estimated 28 companies to join LevelOne Malaysia partner program in the end, and also achieved its fundamental goal for increasing the globalizing awareness of LevelOne. LevelOne's continuous efforts in globalization make it easier to introduce new products and gaining vote in local markets as well.


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