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LevelOne and KOMSA work together for security in stables
(Germany, 11, November, 2011) On Thursday, the 1st of December, the webinar organized by KOMSA and LevelOne, will show the customer the opportunities of the digital video surveillance in the branch agriculture. The Webinar will enable the customer to show how farmer could save working time and protect their property simultaneously with the absolute surveillance technology. 

The webinar includes a market overview, the economic viability of the branch, realistic application scenarios, various steps of the installation as well as the implementation of the LevelOne complete solution.
With the aid of an user report the webinar shows the advantages for the agricultural operations through the IP-based video surveillance. They will report about agricultural cooperative “De Verband Group“, in which local societies are united. This agriculture cooperative has given its members the opportunity to protect their stables, milking systems and calving boxes with the Network Cameras of LevelOne. Therefore, the farmer can check the monitor firstly before walking to the stables.

The webinar starts on the 1st of December 2011 (Thursday) at 10 o’clock

About LevelOne
The premium brand of Digital Data Communications GmbH, headquartered in Dortmund, Germany, particular includes network solutions. High-quality and reliable products are subjects to constant innovation cycles ensure that both the professional business and private applications are working efficient. Another section with increasing importance is digital surveillance solutions for an efficient and secured environment.
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