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We’ve got your WiFi needs covered!

At LevelOne, we have just brought out an updated range of wireless access points, each with advanced centralized management and security.

WAP-6015/6016 - provides a simple, cost-effective way to deploy a scalable WLAN infrastructure at 300Mbps including centralized management. Strong visibility through central management allows for easy identification of network bottlenecks, areas of deficient signal strength and potential weaknesses. Authentication is via WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA-TKIP, and WPA2 AES. The access point provides up to four SSIDs, and allows for different configurations on each, which provides security to be set for different zones within the network. WAP-6015 comes in a sturdy metal case for more rugged deployments, whereas WAP-6016 comes in a stylish plastic housing. Devices feature 4 Fast Ethernet ports for wired connections.

WAP-6111/WAP-6111H – A fast, simple WLAN solution featuring 300Mbps 11n wireless speeds, with stylish plastic housing, and 802.3af PoE for cost-effective installation and running. Both devices are centrally managed, ceiling mounted access points. WAP-6111 offers regular power, whereas WAP-6111H provides high RF power.

WAP-6113/6115 – For high-performance, managed wireless networking. 802.3af PoE for easy and cheap installation, with high levels of security. Centralized management allows for easy control of each device, ensuring no weak points or bottlenecks in the network. Also provides four SSIDs for individual network areas, and features 4 Fast Ethernet ports. WAP-6113 is a Gigabit speed access point, whereas WAP-6115 is a Fast Ethernet device.

WAP-8111 - A sophisticated, fast dual-band managed wireless access point, which provides a combined throughput of 750 Mbps using 802.11ac standards. The advanced wireless access point also supports all legacy wireless devices on 802.11a/b/g/n. WAP-8111 performs automatic testing and assigns channels dynamically to detect conflicts and channel interference, constantly optimising performance in the background. The device runs on PoE, negating the need for electrical wiring, and is ceiling-mounted in a stylish plastic housing.

As always, your local LevelOne representative is on hand to assist with any queries about our new range!

Need more control of your network? Have a look at our range of Wireless LAN Controllers…

WAC-1000 and WAC-1001, with client isolation for strict control wireless devices, load balancing across multiple APs, centralized management of up to 64 APs (WAC-1000) or 128 APs (WAC-1001) and also supports VLAN based on different policies.


Need a fast, secure, managed, ceiling-mounted AP? Have a look at WAP-6112/WAP-6112H, a 300Mbps 11n wireless WAP in plastic housing. These are fully managed access points, with a gigabit wired LAN connection, featuring 802.3af PoE and providing either regular (6112) or high (6112H) RF power.

For wall-mounted access points, our WAP-6201/WAP-6202 provides 150Mbps (6201) or 300Mbps (6202) 11n wireless, and comes in a solid plastic housing. These are managed
wireless access points, featuring 802.3af PoE, and sized at 86mm x 86mm.  

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